What is KoiraX.com?

KoiraX.com is a FREE web based service for all dog owners.
KoiraX.com enables you to save any information concerning your dog, such as vaccinations given, veterinarian appointments and treatments, or for example results from an agility competition. KoiraX.com is also developed for dog breeders' benefit and can be used for supporting and developing breeding work. Breeders can e.g. save all puppy related data (e.g. mother's nutrition information, puppies' weight development, birth report etc.) and this data is valuable when comparing litters and different combinations, and supports the planning of further breeding.
KoiraX.com has been designed so that it is simple and easy to use.
Site usage is completely free of charge!
Applicable for all dog owners
Designed for saving and storing all important data concerning your dogs, regardless of whether they are athletics, working dogs or just for keeping company.
A powerful tool for dog breeders
Registration and sign-in is easy
Possibility to share own edits in social media, like Facebook